Children at Durlston make the most fabulous progress and have an enormous amount of fun whilst doing so. We would love to show you around and tell you more. Contact us to arrange a visit! 

Our small class sizes ensure that all children receive individual support and challenge, ensuring the very best progress. The weekly timetable incorporates specialist teaching in Music, Art, DT, French, Computing, Drama and Sports and our children enjoy our purpose-built and well-equipped facilities on a daily basis.

  • The Art and Ceramics Studios are a constant source of creativity and the purpose built Design and Technology Centre is an ideal venue for the children to design, create and refine their ideas. The children thoroughly enjoy putting their new skills into practise as they work on Chromebooks to enhance their designs and then use the equipment such as the laser cutter, heat press and woodworking tools to bring their designs to life.  
  • In the Music School all of our children start to play an instrument and the termly ‘Class Concert’ provides a safe and encouraging environment. All of the children perform in some way for their parents and grandparents. With Mrs Moss, our Director of Music, supporting them along every step, these informal occasions help to build confidence and instil a sense of pride. In addition to their weekly class music lessons, children can opt to receive individual lessons from our team of talented peripatetic music teachers in a full range of instruments, including lessons in singing and theory. There are also a plethora of music bands, ensembles and choirs for the children to join.
  • With an hour of sport every day, children are instilled with team spirit and confidence which filters back into the classroom. From Year 3, all ability levels regularly play 'competitive' festival style matches internally to increase confidence and skill level before they then head to matches and tournaments against other local schools.
  • From Year 4 all children will be given a Chromebook (free of charge) which is used to support and enhance learning opportunities across the curriculum.

Excellent teaching and learning underpins all that we do. The core range of academic subjects are taught by our highly qualified and skilled Middle Prep team.

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