The start of the GCSE pathway begins in Upper Prep where we provide a supportive, friendly and well-disciplined environment where every child is truly known where pupils can fully achieve their academic potential and flourish as confident, rounded individuals. 

Welcome to Upper Prep and Senior School

Durlston provides a supportive but challenging learning environment, consolidating skills, knowledge and attitude as our pupils begin their journey to GCSE and beyond. Parents and pupils alike will receive a warm welcome into the Durlston Family.

You will find that the size of our school means that every pupil is known, which enables our dedicated and talented teachers to engage and motivate every single pupil.

We are blessed with fantastic facilities but we are proud of our outstanding teachers that will help your child to reach their potential. Personalised learning plans and performance monitoring help staff and pupils to analyse progress. 

It is the relationship between staff and pupils that makes a Durlston education so unique.

Darren Collard,
Head of Senior School

Head of Durlston Senior School, Darren Collard

Pupils develop high levels of self-understanding, growing into confident, resilient young people who are prepared to take risks, and have huge determination to succeed.

What the Inspectors say...

Teachers set high expectations, design imaginative activities to promote learning…

What the Inspectors say...

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